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Finding Inspiration While Mourning Mandela

By Mary Umeoguaju
Junior Reporter
AKURE, Ondo, Nigeria – Nelson Mandela: A glowing light. His
death: A forever glowing light.
As I heard the news on Mandela’s death, I felt gloomy and
thoughts of how he changed South Africa filled my head.
It dawned on me that a great one had just departed, a
humanitarian who fought against apartheid and racial segregation and triumphed.
The first black president of South Africa, Mandela has
fulfilled the scripture, “I am the light of the world.”
Mandela’s light shone through his vision, his advocacy for democracy
and his love for humankind.
His light inspired me to aim high, be the best, love my
fellow humans and always be encouraged no matter what may come along the way,
because there is no easy road to success.
I know that I can make it, joining my vision to Mandela’s
forever glowing light in the world.


May his soul rest in peace and may the splendor of God’s
light shine on him forever.