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Mourning Period For Mandela Fittingly Ends With Reconciliation Day In South Africa

Lara Puchert /
The video shows a monument in Stellenbosch, South Africa in front of the Stellenbosch Town Hall. It is a walkway featuring a quote from the late President Nelson Mandela’s inaugural address. The walkway leads to a sculpture depicting Mandela’s image in the shape of a map of the nation.
Mariechen Puchert
TOWN, South Africa – The 10-day period of South Africa mourning the passing –
and celebrating the life – of  Nelson
Rolihlahla Mandela culminated with his burial in his home village, Qunu,
than the large memorial held December 10 at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg,
the funeral was more intimate, although large numbers of dignitaries still
rolling hills of the Eastern Cape, the same hills were Mandela herded cattle as
a little boy, greeted mourners.
much of the ceremony for the former president was broadcast nationally and
internationally, the final moments, with the returning of his remains to the
soil of Qunu, were not broadcast. This was upon the family’s request.
is Reconciliation Day in South Africa, a public holiday instated in 1994 by
Mandela’s government to foster reconciliation among the many South African

It is
fitting that the country exits the official mourning period with this day. The
past 10 days have truly been a time of reflecting upon our own journey in post-apartheid
South Africa, and what still needs to be done to reconcile our past.