A Perspective on the Commonwealth Games

Youth Journalism International Reporter Pushkal Shivam in Mumbai gives readers an idea of what some of India’s youth think about their country hosting the Commonwealth Games:
MUMBAI, India – On the cusp of the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, Indian youth viewed their nation’s prominence on the world stage with mixed feelings.“I love my country, and it therefore comes to me as a huge disappointment to witness the Commonwealth Games fiasco,” said 17-year-old Roohani Deshpande, who lives in Jabalpur in the heart of India and is pictured here. “I feel so angry, let down and embarrassed.”
Click HereA furious Deshpande thinks the lack of planning and vision on the part of the country’s politicians have turned India into a laughingstock.
“What responsibility are our leaders showing?” asked Deshpande. “An event which could have easily contributed to national pride has now turned into a disgrace. Their carelessness and indifference towards their role is tarnishing the image of the entire country!”
But Sanket Ray, 19, a student of Mass Media at the KC College in Mumbai, took a positive view, saying one event cannot decide everything.
Hosting the Commonwealth Games is “a very great achievement,” said Ray, who added that a Formula One race is also coming to India. “We all should support it.”
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